Ferdi Weischenberg - Sättel nach Mass - So macht Reiten Spaß
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Harmony between horse and rider cannot be measured by any conventional means. I personally use my well-trained eye and experience in constructing a saddle which meets your requirements. An original FW customised saddle, which fits your horse perfectly, matches your individual riding style and corrects it if necessary, will give you great pleasure!

Balance, contact and posture are the foundation of riding and also help you to establish an optimal relationship with your horse and to keep improving it. The beginnings of a customised saddle, therefore, always start with you!

An original FW customised saddle is well worth the price. It currently costs 4,550 euros plus travel costs to be agreed in advance with the customer in the case of locations outside Germany. With the exception of these travel costs, everything - from the initial consultation, via uncompromising high-quality materials through to the perfect final fit – is included in the price. In other words, for this price you get a first-class quality saddle. Which fits you as well as your horse.


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